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We are now accepting applications for membership. Reforged is a fresh guild being built on the Old Blanchy server. We are currently seeking members who share our values and ambition. Please visit the About Us section for more information.


Q. Will Reforged be competing for world and server firsts?

A. No, We believe that world firsts have already been achieved. We will not require our members to take time off of work to be online the moment content is released in order to push for world and server firsts. However, We seek to be competitive within the community. That being said, we are pushing to complete content around the same time that the world and server firsts are being completed.


Q. Will Reforged require me to play certain races, specializations and professions?

A. No, However our Raider positions are competitive. Members who achieve Raider status will likely be the players that use every possible advantage at their disposal. We HIGHLY encourage members to have engineering.


Q. Will Reforged require me to use consumables?

A. No, Again our Raider positions are competitive. If you are able to out perform your peers without the use of consumables then more power to you! We HIGHLY encourage members use consumables to maximize performance. Not utilizing consumables will likely put you at a severe disadvantage with your peers.


Q. Does Reforged require members to have alternative characters?

A. No. However, We HIGHLY encourage members to create Warlock alt's that are capable of summoning members.


Q. Will I get benched if I am not performing at the same level as my peers?

A. Yes, We will not allow a single player to prevent the team as a whole from progressing. We expect our Raiders to perform relatively close to their peers. However, We will make every effort possible to support that member before we are forced to remove them from the raid.


Q. Will I have a guaranteed invite to Raid?

A. Yes, If you have achieved the Raider rank. Reforged will never have more than 40 Raiders at one time. Raid slots will then be given priority to members based upon the raids needs.


Q. Can I lose my Raider rank?

A. Yes, There are several metrics that may result in a Raider being transitioned back into a membership position. These metrics include; attendance, performance, attitude etc.


Q. Will Reforged host multiple raids?

A. Yes, We plan conduct split raid farming as soon as possible. Many of us will also be raiding on alternative characters. These alternative raids are a great opportunity for non-raiders to experience the content.


Q. Will Reforged have a guild bank? How will it work?

A. Yes , Reforged will have a guild bank. Members are not required to contribute to the guild bank. We believe in self sufficiency. However, if you would like to contribute to our guild bank then you are more than welcome to. Crafting materials such as and will be stored in the guild bank and distributed to members as needed.